MAYFAIR: The village idyl in Central London nestled between Oxford Street, Park Lane, Piccadilly and Regent Street, Mayfair is exceptional in that it still maintains the charm of a traditional English village in the heart of London.

Mayfair has long been the figurative and oft times literal home of eccentrics and artists, from Nancy Mitford to Oscar Wilde, to Handel. Royal connections are every where - Queen Elizabeth II was born on Bruton St, Mayfair and many of Mayfair's shops and services have Royal Warrants. is your definitive resource for all things Mayfair.


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Mayfair London is situated within the four great London streets of Park Lane, Piccadilly, Regents Street and Oxford Street. The area’s history for tolerance and discretion puts it at the heart of Roman Catholic London. The Church of The Immaculate Conception, can be entered via Farm Street or Mount Street Gardens. The London Gay Lesbian Transgender Community Catholics attend the 11am Sung latin mass on a Sunday, while society wedding guests are a frequent site, dashing to receptions across the road at The Connaught or nearby Claridges or The Dorchester.

Mount Street is the jewel of Mayfair, running between Park Lane and Berkeley Square. Nowhere else can one rub shoulders with the Queen, an oligarch and a scribe while crossing the road. No other address in the world has more cache, more power to impress, more association to great wealth and great losses, or history for espionage and intrigue, loyalty and betrayal than Mayfair.

So, if you are looking to discover about the secrets of Mayfair, know the best bar, boutiques, casinos and private members clubs and events and yearn for the gossip and Mayfair scandals…. you are in the right place

Mayfair Eccentrics is the creation of Tyne O’Connell. Author, Mayfair eccentric and female dandy, Clementyne O’Connell, has resided in Mayfair for twenty years. Her flat on Mount Street, opposite Mount St Gardens & Church of the Immaculate Conception, earned her the nick name Our Lady of Mount Street. Many of her books are set in Mayfair including Latest Accessory, Making The A-List and Sex With The Ex and Mayfair features prominently in others.

Mayfair Eccentrics - The Definitive Guide to the world’s finest shopping, sybarites, sophistication & spies…

- in the luxurious uniqueness of the Worlds Most Exclusive Village. was created by renown Mayfair Local, the Inky Scribe Tyne O’Connell, who has brought up two-husbands & three children on Mount Street while penning over a dozen books set in the area.

ECCENEccentric of the Year 2015TRICS NEWSFLASH

TYNE O’CONNELL “The Most Eccentric Thinker of the Year” 2015 The Eccentric Club

"An accomplished writer, thinker, philosopher and dreamer, worshiping, just like the rest of us, the Eccentricity of Mayfair! Romantic, witty, funny and thorough when it comes to philosophy or nostalgic reminiscences of the glorious days and glamorous attires, good manners and classic flirt! The style of her narration and the logic of her reasoning are somewhat unique and representative of the great Mayfair eccentric thinker." The Eccentrics Club

Mayfair Eccentrics will enable you to unlock the key to the world’s most exclusive haunt - home to the finest Night-Life, Hotels, Casinos, Private-Member’s Clubs, Restaurants, Bespoke Tailors & the most magnificently luxurious & discreet Shopping Arcades in the world.

Why not discover your inner-eccentric in the splendid uniqueness of this quintessential English village?

Built in 1660 on Mary Davies' 100 acres by the eccentric architect Lady Wilbraham.

King Charles wanted an elegant residential & shopping Utopia of Glass-Fronted Arcades & Garden Squares…

An enclave suited to the Shopping, Entertainment & Cultural needs of Eccentric-Women & Forward-Thinking Gentlemen of the 1660’s when London was Really Swinging!

Mayfair quickly became the elegant centre of London, a hotbed of champagne & tea-salons, sought out by eccentrics & aristocrats of the world.

From 1660 to the present, The village of Mayfair St James’s has been home to Royals, Eccentrics, Celebrities, Roman Catholics, Discreet-wealth, Authors, Artists, spies & their secret intrigues

Its residents have included:
Nancy Mitford
Oscar Wilde
Beau Brummell
Lord Byron
Ian Fleming
Tyne O’Connell
Queen Elizabeth II who was born on Bruton St before her father became King.

Yet Mayfair & St James’s retain the charm of an English Village. Here you will find the same ceremony, traditions & eccentricities as in 1660.

Resident or visitor, discover your inner-eccentric & answer Call To Charms!
"Magnificence never wearies & splendour never loses its power to move" Tyne O'Connell