Granny Trolley on Wheels

Granny Trolley on Wheels: the most glamorous vehicle at the market with a tiny tiny carbon tippy-toe print 

Granny trolley on wheels
by ©Tyne O’Connell

If you want to host a dinner party you are going to have to stock up on groceries and that means a visit to the supermarché  I know stocking up on carrots and cassoulet sounds bleak and many a girl has lost her joie de vivre in the tinned produce aisle. But don’t be disheartened! Accessorised with your customised glamorous granny trolley on wheels you will rock the market.

Forget the Bentleys and the Aston Martins – they are beyond tacky without a chauffeur anyway. The coolest vehicle on the road for the girl going places is a bespoke granny trolley. Best of all, you can drive them under the influence without incurring a fine and they leave the tinniest tiniest carbon tippy toe print and give your legs a workout without enduring the brutality of a tread mill.

Remember those bags on wheels that your Grandmama used to pull? Mine had a vinyl tartan jobbie, with a cute little terrier poking out the top. Well, turns out granny knew what she was about, because these snappy vehicles have street credibility and panache to rival any vehicle on the road.
So how does a girl go about purchasing such an item? Yours will be patent black leather or vinyl, ostrich, snake, faux fur, vintage fur or a print floral fabric. Whether you decide to reinvent your family tartan or go fabulously floral in Kath Kidston, just ensure your granny trolley on wheels does your matriarchal lineage proud.
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