The High-Art Of Small Talk

At The Wolseley eating Battenberg in Chaumet diamonds & French Empire Tiara.

It always baffles me that Chaumet made their first tiaras in 1780 over 100 years before 1894 when they finally had Battenberg Cake to eat whilst wearing their magnificent tiaras!

Small talk is an art-form and a euphemism really as it’s “small-talk” that leads to the Big Decisions.

Small-Talk is a vital part of diplomacy & the very essence of developing friendships beyond one’s cultural or socio-economic clique.

I was fortunate to attend finishing school where Nonagenarian nuns educated me in conversational gambits equipped to carry me through unknown conversational terrain like a sure-footed Welsh Mountain Pony.

This ensured however far I cast my social net in life, I was always sure of a varied discourse catch.

It’s painful to see a generation ill-versed in small-talk & stuttering there way through discussions in “what brought you here?” and the dreaded “What do you do?” Quelle horreur!