How Mayfair Are You?

How Mayfair Are You?

Mayfair was born in a cork-popping era in which champagne was not only drunk but flowed from fountains, bathed in and breakfasted on.

How Mayfair are you?

Fashion was set by the extravagant eccentric courtiers  – such as the Salonnier and scientist Mad Madge aka The Duchess Of Newcastle and the famed wit, spy and playwright, Aphra Behn who wrote plays extolling the scandalous goings on in the drawing rooms of the newly fashionable area in the 1660’s.

The actresses who first delivered Aphra Behn’s lines extolling the scandalous eccentrics to the London audiences were Moll Davies and Nell Gwynn – both soon moved into the area as the Kings mistresses & soon the public were equally shocked and intrigued by these courtiers at the salons held on Catherine Road (now Piccadilly) and Dover St .

By 1666 when the Great Fire of London destroyed most of The City of London, Mayfair was already swinging and the Mayfair Eccentrics were born.

Do you have a Mayfair state of mind?

From your bespoke feet to your coiffure, your millinery or tiara & all the jewels, accessories, textiles & bon mots you scatter each day, speak as to your Mayfair credentials.

So… How Mayfair Are You?


Do you have a bespoke shoe last?

Do you know your cuff styles?

Do you wear designer suits or bespoke suits?

Does your private members club predate the 20th Century?

Do you have a custom made glass fronted cabinet just to house your tiara collection?

Does you crocodile handbag occasionally wear too much jewellery?