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MayfairEccentrics is your definitive resource for all things Mayfair & St James’s offering local businesses & venues a platform to promote their Mayfair St James’s venue, hotel, club or business to Mayfair & St James’s residents and visitors.

From July 1st 2015 MayfairEccentrics is thrilled to announce our new series of feature articles on Mayfair & St James’s businesses clubs, venues & hotels & their unique place in the Mayfair St James’s community.

If you’d like us to feature your venue or business, send us the information you’d like us to include and answer our 5 Mayfair Eccentric Questions which will provide the theme for all the Mayfair business features on the site.

Provide our team with your information including any images you’d like included (with copyright) to

Mayfair Business Features Questions

1) Why did you choose Mayfair as a base for Your business or club?
2) What factors make Mayfair stand out to you as opposed to other villages of London?
3) Are many of your clients local?
4) Provide an anecdotal story about your business / venue/ club that depicts or explores the uniqueness of Mayfair?
5) Do you offer special rates to Mayfair Residents or businesses?