Mayfair Tea

Mayfair Tea – two words born to be together

For #MayfairEccentrics invalids and others who live their lives in bed, drink Fortnum’s tea, it will drown your pain and sorrows but only if consumed in fine bone-china otherwise it is a completely different drink with no power to heal.


Now teas – my favourite drink & of course tea was introduced to Britain in 1662 by our magnificent eccentric Queen Catherine of Braganza – a cross dresser & lover of masquerade balls & cards (even on Sundays! To pay off part of her dowry promised by her mother but not entirely delivered, Catherine imported shiploads of tea which had to be quickly sold. London was swimming in the drink. There was a distinct change in society as the extremely popular coffee shops dominated by men gave way to tea salons run and frequented by women. Tea was everywhere.

Fortnum Tea

To the horror of the Protestants) she introduced the fashion of women hosting afternoon tea salons seating duchess beside tailor & King beside artist: the beginning of the Mayfair blue-stocking salons & the British Enlightenment. Because she was Catholic & Royal all talk of politics & religion were banned & instead talk was of art literature fashion music  & philosophy. Tea drinking quickly took hold as London society wanted to emulate the manners and fashion of the Court.


Coffee houses were closed to women & talk there was confined to religion so in the 1660’s all the women & forward-thinking gentlemen haunted the Mayfair & St. James’s Tea Salons.