Michaela Frankova & Tyne O’Connell – London Fashion Week

Trains lend a grace to the simplest dress, transforming the way one moves….and feels…following like a hypnotic scent that traces its way through the synapse into the memory….a line of poem… a movement in a musical composition, a legacy through the ages…the trail of ripples that followed my fingers as I lay in the boat as a tall boy in a straw-boater, punting we three; me and Katia Sergeeva and Niki de Metz along the Isis in Oxford whilst Cordelia O’Connell sat her final exams.

Next week in London Fashion Week and Michaela Frankova has asked me to wear one of her exquisite creations on the catwalk presenting me an occasion to wear a tiara and a ballgown with a train…

15th September 2017

A neckline and silhouette can be simple but textiles, sleeves and trains (or bustles) add occasion! Life’s all about the occasion.

Michaela Frankova Invite