Sunglasses – for Eccentrics

Sunglasses – add an air of international mystery to any occasion

sunglasses for eccentrics

Sunglasses are no longer a fashion accessory but a necessary part of a dandizette’s armour.

by ©Tyne O’Connell

In this age of melting icecaps and with the glaring UV rays out to age us before our time, it’s actually wildly pretentious NOT to wear sunglasses everywhere; the bath, the kitchen, the loo, in an outdoor cafe and especially at the supermarché.

No Mayfair dandizette should be seen anywhere near a till without a disguise. Look mysterious and act suspicious is my motto. Knowing who people are and what people are up to strips life of all excitement. The cold war may be over but that didn’t mean we gave up our Burberry Macs.

So stop being pretentious and obvious, stick on the Ray Bans shimmy into something gorgeous and add a little je ne sais quoi to your neighbourhood. Imbuing your local area with a highly desirable sense of glamour and mystery is another way of spreading beauty and joy and keeping the hum drum at bay.

sunglasses with tiaras

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