The Chap

The Chap – The Gentleman’s Magazine

The Chap informs the modern world of what it has lost and what it can be. Through the monocle of tolerance and the ballgown of refinement, The Chap guides chaps and chapettes through the mire of modernity to the blue skies of decency and gentlemanly behaviour.  The unspeakable vulgarity of much of twenty-first century life is challenged with fine wry and inimitable style.

the chap magazine

Since 1999, the Chap has championed the rights of the gentleman. It believes that “a society without courteous behaviour and proper headwear is a society on the brink of moral and sartorial collapse.”  Supporting hat doffing, facial furniture and the use of the trouser press, The Chap is a beacon of quality and standards for a nation that created so many of those standards in years gone by.

The Chap Olympiad.

The twelfth Chap Olympiad will take place this year on Saturday 16th July in Bedford Square Gardens in London’s Bloomsbury. The nation’s finest chaps and chapettes will deliver the best in armchair, deckchair, and chaise longues sports. According to the Chap website – “Exertion, perspiration and any form of grunting are frowned upon by the organisers, and contestants have points deducted from their overall score if the knot in their tie is marginally displaced at the end of a gruelling round of Bounders.”

Need we say more?

Chap Olympiad 2016

The Chap – a view from a dandizette

I still remember purchasing my first Chap magazine, standing at the checkout of Hatchards in 1999 – where I had been signing copies of my second book with Headline Review, Latest Accessory. There it was, The Chap! Finally, a magazine that spoke to Dandizettes: girls who lived their life in tweed and pearls, smelling of wet-spaniels & oud, always in matching bespoke crocodile hand bags & shoes. A dandizette who wore diamonds whether playing elephant polo or winter croquet in the snow in ballgowns & tiaras. Dandizettes whose hearts fluttered at chaps who wore facial-furniture-nets to bed at night, chaps in bespoke suits who wore smoking hats to smoke their pipes, who ripped the label off their cigar before lighting it & owned his own white tie costume. Tweed Reigns! Thank you for the years of pleasure. xxx Tyne O’Connell