The Dandizette’s Signature Champagne

The champagne you serve or order represents you.

It’s your signature. It symbolises you in your purest form. It makes a statement and a dandizette eschews making careless statements.

The Dandizette: In Search of Her Signature Champagne

The Dandizette Tyne O’Connell outside Berry Bros & Rudd: In Search of Her Signature Champagne

Your signature champagne not only represents you but you represent your champagne. Each glass you imbibe becomes part of the river that runs through your life. You will toast your triumphs and drown your sorrows with this champagne; toasting hatches, matches and dispatches. A dandizette owes a loyalty to the libation that punctuates these special occasions of her life. One day hopefully far, far in the distant future your friends and family will have to drink it at your wake, so it is imperative that you choose your champagne with due solemnity and care.

Drinking signature champagne in style

Choosing a Signature Champagne

I recommend every budding Dandizette has her own Champagne Salutation Party in which she invites her closest friends and family to assist her in a blind tasting to choose her champagne that will accompany her on her dandizette journey through life. The winning libation can be held aloft on a velvet cushion and paraded through the streets to great fanfare for all to celebrate.

You can turn your Champagne Choice Party into an event. Assemble photographs of yourself in different stages of your life and why not include photographs of your ancestors and inspirational people and places. These images combined with anecdotal tales about you by others will assist you in selecting your defining champagne.

Tyne O'Connell with spaniel and signature champagne

However, remember once chosen – for the love of the Widow Clicquot – you must stick with your signature champagne through thick and thin. This is wildly important. If your signature champagne is Verve Clicquot with it’s lovely orange label you must vow never to buy Tattinger – albeit a fine house – simply because your wine merchant is discounting it that season. A champagne unlike a cocktail, is for life, not just a season or an afternoon.

Champagne infidelity reflects badly on your character and will baffle your family and long-haul friends who may say nothing at the time, but privately think you lacking backbone and possibly even consider it a sign of untrustworthiness. What will your biographer say? “She always drank Verve Clicquot except when Mumm was on sale?”