The Four Pillars of Mayfair

The Four Pillars of Mayfair


by ©Tyne O’Connell

Mayfair was created by four great women of the 17th Century Restoration whose names remain sacred to every cobble, brick and garden square of Mayfair today.

The Four Pillars Of Mayfair

MayfairEccentrics is campaigning for statues of these four great Mayfair Pillars of Eccentricity without whom Mayfair would not exist.

These four women are:


Elizabeth Wilbraham1. Lady Elizabeth Wilbraham 1632 – 1705

The first woman architect who designed Mayfair as the eccentric hub of Eccentric Women







Mary Davies of Mayfair, London2. Lady Mary Davies (Lady Grosvenor) 1665 – 1730

Owner of the land now known as Mayfair







Margaret Cavendish3. Margaret Cavendish Duchess of Newcastle 1623 – 1673

Philosopher, writer and proto-feminist, famed for her Bluestocking Salons of Mayfair








Aphra Behn4. Aphra Behn 1640 – 16 April 1689

Spy, black slave rebellion leader, actress, Wit of the Restoration and prolific writer who first planted the idea of Mayfair as the centre of fashionable London in her play The Rover first performed in Covent Garden 1677





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