Theft of the Crown Jewels

Theft of the Crown Jewels

Tyne in library with hens

The Inky-Scribe, Tyne O’Connell, is researching Cromwell’s thorough destruction of art, beauty and eccentrics. In 1649 having murdered our Stuart King Charles I, Cromwell melted down Britain’s Crown Jewels, including ancient relics such as the Coronation Crown of Edward The Confessor, and other priceless royal relics to fund his New Model Army. This new era of surveillance saw the army spy on ordinary men and women – peeking in windows and listening at doors to seek out and destroy anything deemed beautiful. To the Protestants of the 1600’s beauty, art, fashion and literature, games, theatre, toys, champagne, ale and pleasure in general were deemed Papist. As were Ancient manuscripts, artworks, jewellery or professionally crafted furniture, mirrors, stained-glass and artistic glass wear all of which were smashed, burned and destroyed by The New Model Army.


Women in beautiful frocks were dragged from their own houses and publicly stripped of their gowns which were then burned along with their wigs and hats while their faces were scrubbed until they bled, to eliminate any trace of makeup.

Upon Charles II’s restoration in 1660, goldsmiths had to swiftly make copies of the original crown, sceptre and other jewels.

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