The Twin-Set – Pringle of Scotland’s Sartorial Revolution 

Sartorially – for chapesses – The 20th Century was defined by the appearance of Pringle of Scotland‘s twin-sets. The twin-set hit wardrobes circa 1930 when knitwear designer Otto Weisz came up with the genius of combining a matching cardigan with a snug fitting short-sleeved jumper ensemble. This ushered in the Pringle of Scotland Lifestyle of rambling, trout-fishing, picnics, croquet, the summer staple of reading books upon Swiss mountain tops & The Sudden Marriage Proposal.

Twin Sets in Mayfair

Like most chapesses it was my staple casual wear pre-marriage but while merino wool lasts a lifetime, nothing will bring a chap to his knees like a snug fitting cashmere twin-set.

The soft snuggly feel of cashmere combines the erotic with the comfy – lending itself to cuddling but add a splash of scent from Creed on those pulse points & the chaps go ga-ga.

Wearing my cashmere twin-sets inevitably led to marriage proposals as congratulatory cuddles from a chap during a croquet match or a knock-out Eton Mess would land him on his knees murmuring Wordsworth.

There were a few seasons in which I’d garner half a dozen proposals. Mummy called it the cashmere twin-set factor. Her generation relied on ballrooms & dance cards & the old drop a lace hanky trick which rather limited opportunities for chaps to fall head over heals for a girl.

I expect to see plenty of twin-sets amongst the tweed & pearls at the Chap Olympiad Saturday 16th July 2016.