Velvet Eccentric

Velvet Eccentric – unique hand-sewn collars

Velvet Eccentric is the unique fashion brand of artist and designer Della Reed. Mayfair Eccentrics are huge fans of the creative talent and vision that is Velvet Eccentric. With deep historical knowledge and referencing and high-quality execution Velvet Eccentric has carved out a place of its own on the British fashion stage. Numerous catwalk shows and fashion spreads in major titles such as Vogue have led to a high demand for this fascinating work by designers such as Michaela Frankova, Lulu Liu, Sorapol and KATYA KATYA.

“We’re rather partial to Della Reed’s bespoke jewellery
Fashioned from vintage fabrics and festooned with pearls.”
-Stephanie Hirshmiller, Harpers Bazaar.

Tyne O'Connell on the Michaela Frankova Catwalk

Tyne O’Connell on the Michaela Frankova Catwalk wearing a Velvet Eccentric hand-sewn collar

Velvet Eccentric is an accessories brand with a difference specialising in hand-sewn unique statement collars. The collars are like pieces of soft armour. This new category of fashion accessory is best described as “Art Décolletage” – elegant heirlooms to be cherished.

The pieces combine handcrafted vintage and modern fabric along with beads, feathers, brass etc to create entirely original and unique objects that are both art and fashion. Especially delicious are the miniatures – portraits of Georgian ladies etc that remind us of the glamour and range of fashions of the past. These are eclectic, dramatic pieces of jewellery, contemporary, timeless and inspirational. Heroically indulgent and eminently wearable.

We insist you do not allow such splendour to exist only on the catwalk and the fashion shoot. Commit this to a décolletage near you, as everyday is to be celebrated.

For more information and to purchase an item of splendour visit Velvet Eccentric


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