Who is your favourite Mayfair tailor?

by ©Tyne O’Connell

Who is your favourite Mayfair tailor?

The Bond Street Cut Mayfair

Mayfair is famous for being the global home of bespoke tailoring. Savile Row is a byword for quality suits, quality cloth and quality cutting. If you want the very best then a Mayfair tailor is where you turn.

a) A fashion graduate from St Martins you are convinced is the next Alexander McQueen, you bought his entire collection and tweeted about it for weeks.

b) Ede and Ravenscroft, you’ve been going there since Eton and they looked after you pretty well up at Oxford, they still had your Great Grandfather’s measurements, he was a bit of a legend apparently, ran up a ridiculous tab even larger than his tab at Berry Bros.

c) Your fathers suits fit you perfectly but you take them back to Anderson & Sheppard & every year to have them tweeked. No one can tweek like a Mayfair tailor.

d) Ralph Lauren, you can’t go wrong really, yar…erm that’s it pretty much.

List of Savile Row Tailors

1 Savile Row – Gieves & Hawkes
2 Savile Row – Kent & Curwen
5 Savile Row – Kilgour
8 Savile Row – Hardy Armies
9 Savile Row – McQueen
10 Savile Row – Dege & Skinner
11 Savile Row – Huntsman
12 Savile Row (downstairs) – Chittleborough & Morgan at Nutters
13 Savile Row (upstairs) – Richard Anderson, Strickland & Sons
13 Savile Row (downstairs) – Stowers Bespoke
15 Savile Row – Henry Poole & Co.
16 Savile Row – Norton & Sons
19 Savile Row – Maurice Sedwell
19 Savile Row – Chester Barrie
20 Savile Row – Welsh & Jefferies
29 Savile Row – Richard James
30 Savile Row – Oswald Boateng
31 Savile Row – Mark Marengo
32 Savile Row – Lanvin
37 Savile Row – Nick Tentis
38 Savile Row – Davies & Son
40 Savile Row – 40 Savile Row
41 Savile Row – William Hunt

Who is your favourite Mayfair tailor?

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