Albany Resident Edward de Bono

Albany Resident Edward de Bono speaks to Tyne O'Connell Edward de Bono and Tyne O'Connell discuss ..

The 7 Exquisites

The 7 Exquisites Everything in Mayfair and St James's is connected via 7 Exquisite Splendours... I ..

In Glorious Retrospect

In Glorious Retrospect A prose poem by Tyne O'ConnellI am my souls yearnings to reach beyond,..

In Search of the Perfect Red – Alizarin

In Search of the Perfect Red - Alizarin Go red or go home is the siren call to all who strive for g..

The Origins of Opera in London

The Origins of Opera in London in the 1600's English National Opera where the boxes whisk one back ..

The Order of the Crown of Stuart

The Order of the Crown of StuartIt was with splendour and glory that I, Tyne O'Connell, was t..

Royal Game of Croquet On Pall Mall

Royal Game of Croquet On Pall Mall St James's in the 1660's ©Tyne O'Connell There is no game more..

The History of Gloves

The History Of Gloves The Worshipful Company Of Glove-Makers & The Thrill & History Of G..

The Royal Arcade

The Royal Arcade - A Mayfair Treasure Everyone knows my favourite Mayfair Arcade, The Royal Arcade..

When Daniel Lismore met Tyne O’Connell…

Elegance and Style - when Daniel Lismore met Tyne O'Connell Daniel Lismore: "We were at a dinner f..

The History Of Cigars In Mayfair

Cigars - preferred accoutrement of Eccentrics everywhere Cigars are an inescapable feature of Mayf..

Eccentric’s – The Front Line Of Civilisation

ECCENTRIC's THE FRONT LINE OF CIVILISATION A Poem By Tyne O'ConnellPoets are so often writt..

Theft of the Crown Jewels

Theft of the Crown JewelsThe Inky-Scribe, Tyne O'Connell, is researching Cromwell's thorough des..

Lady Dorothy Savile & Burlington Arcade

Tyne O'Connell and Robin Dutt Explore the History of the Burlington Arcade and Savile Row by the Are..

Mount Street Mayfair

Mount Street Mayfair - Secrets and Spies since the 17th Century I have spent most of my life in a 4..

The Making of the British Eccentric

Creating the Quintessential characteristics of the British EccentricThank You HRH Prince Philip,..

The Flat on Mount Street

Extract from THE FLAT ON MOUNT ST by Tyne O'Connell When I brought my two husband's ..

Obituary – Duke of Westminster

Mayfair Eccentrics Salute Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor the 6th Duke of Westminster By Tyne O'Connell..


Chin Chin Eccentrics everywhere! It's Champagne time. Eccentrics everywhere should congratulate the..

White Tie

White Tie - a Mayfair sartorial staple By Eric HewitsonDespite the vicissitudes, fads and fanci..

The High-Art Of Small Talk

At The Wolseley eating Battenberg in Chaumet diamonds & French Empire Tiara.It always baff..


The Twin-Set - Pringle of Scotland's Sartorial Revolution  Sartorially - for chapesses - The 20th ..

Regency Fans


The Chap

The Chap - The Gentleman's Magazine The Chap informs the modern world of what it has lost and what ..

Mayfair Eccentrics Goes Mobile!

The Mayfair Eccentrics Mobile Site Goes Live July 2016 Announcing the launch of www.MayfairEccentri..