Daniel Lismore and Tyne O'Connell - eccenticity - a quintessential part of the British character

Mayfair is birth place and spiritual home of the eccentric. As such Mayfair is at the centre of the nation as well as the centre of London. Here, Mayfair Eccentrics have profiled some of the great eccentrics that have defined what it is to be a Mayfair eccentric. Be sure to come back regularly as we add new profiles every month.

Daniel Lismore

Daniel Lismore - Artist and Eccentric Daniel Lismore has become a legend within the London art, lit..

Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono - Inventor of Lateral Thinking, Six Hats Thinking and Bonting "With 11 pieces of c..

Dorothy Savile

Dorothy Savile, Countess of Burlington & Cork, Queen of the Dandizettes Savile Row was named fo..

Marie de’ Medici

Another Mayfair Eccentric - the secret history of Queen Marie de' Medici & the artist Peter Lely..

PG Wodehouse

“I marmaladed a slice of toast with something of a flourish and I don't suppose I have ever come m..

Dukes of Westminster

The Dukes of Westminster - eccentric to a duke! The Duke of Westminster is the richest property dev..

Ian Fleming

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Baroness Mayfair

Michelle Georgina Mone, Baroness Mayfair Red velvet and ermine replaces silk and lace this year as ..

Lord Berners 1883-1950

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Anne Isabella Thackeray, Lady Ritchie

Anne Isabella Thackeray, Lady Ritchie, Mayfair Eccentric, Author, daughter of William Makepeace Thac..

Lady Margaret Cavendish – the Duchess of Newcastle

  Mayfair's  Queen Of Eccentrics, Scientists & Writers - The Magnificently Mad Madge  ..

Lady Elizabeth Wilbraham

LADY ELIZABETH WILBRAHAM 1632 -1705 The Architect of Mayfair & St James’s & first woman a..

Beau Brummell

BEAU BRUMMELL – The Definitive Guide to the Supreme Dandy 1778 - 1840 George Bryan (Beau) Brummel..

Mary Davies

The life of Mary Davies 1665-1730 Founder of Mayfair by ©Tyne O'Connell Mayfair represents th..

Martin Van Butchell

Van Butchell is Mount Street’s Eccentric Mascot “I go to none! For all shall come to me.” Ma..

Aulus Plautius

The Romans in Mayfair? Aulus Plautius was in the action when the Romans conquered Britain in AD43..

Queen Elizabeth II

Where was Queen Elizabeth II Born? Her Majesty The Queen is a Mayfairian. Without doubt a Mayfai..

Aphra Behn

Blazing a trail of theatrical genius and wit across Lady Wilbraham’s Mayfair skyline we raise ..

Tyne O’Connell

Tyne O'Connell Mayfair Eccentric Tyne O'Connell, leading Dandizette & Inky Scribe of Mayfair wh..