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Brooks's Club

Brooks’s is a gentlemen’s club in St James’s Street, London. It is one of the oldest gentleman’s clubs in London.

It was first established in 1762 as a private society. The club is now housed in a grand yellow brick and Portland stone building, which mimics the style of early Dutch country houses. Amongst the blatteration enunciated by its raffish members can be found its famous gaming rooms where fortunes were slung at the feet of Lady Luck. Brook’s offers its members access to an abundant bar, dining room, library and gaming rooms, and some notable alumni include former Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger and slave trade abolitionist leader, William Wilberforce.



General Information



60 St. James’s Street

London, SW1A 1LN

United Kingdom


Tel: 020 7493 4411



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Phone 020 7493 4411
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Country United Kingdom
State/Province Greater London
distance: 3,559 Miles
Address 60 St. James's Street London, SW1A 1LN United Kingdom