Haunch of Venison Yard

Legend has it that the Haunch of Venison Tavern that guarded the entrance to the Haunch of Venison Yard from the Brooke Street End derived its name from the dish it was famous for. The Tavern closed in 1910 having been open since the early 1700’s. 

One fabulous view of Haunch of Venison Yard can be taken from the upper rooms of 25 Brook Street where Baroque genius George Frederic Handel lived and composed for over 30 years. ‘The Messiah’ was composed in here over a three week period between August 22 and September 14, 1741. 

Rachel Whiteread's Bed

More recently Haunch of Venison yard has been most famous for its first rate contemporary art gallery gallery called… Haunch of Venison. Opened in 2002 it closed in 2013 after an important and glorious run of excellent exhibitions including now legendary ones by British YBA sculptor Rachel Whiteread the first woman to win the Turner Prize in 1993. 


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