Battenberg Cake in Mayfair

Battenberg Cake in Mayfair

Off to The Wolseley in my 18th Century Regency Napoleonic tiara to quaff Battenberg cake & sip champagne in celebration of one of my favourite Holy Days – St Georges Day.

Battenberg cake Mayfair

If Dundee is the King of British Cakes surely Battenberg is the Queen.

And it was a Queen who created Battenberg in 1880 to commemorate the marriage of Princess Victoria to Prince Louis of Mountbatten – an unworldly mixture of marzipan shaped in squares reminiscent of chapel Windows it is the nectar of the Angels.

To paraphrase the Great Bard in our beloved Henry V “Follow your spirit, and upon this charge, Cry ‘God for Battenberg, England, and St George!'”

The name Battenberg refers to the town of Battenberg in central Germany and is the seat of the aristocratic family known in Britain as Mountbatten.

Battenberg at the Wolseley

The cake is made by baking a yellow and a pink sponge cake separately, and then cutting and combining the pieces in a chequered pattern. The cake is held together by apricot jam and covered with marzipan.

Battenberg Mayfair

Tyne O’Connell