Bonting in Mayfair

BONTING -Thinking to Create Value

Edward de Bono’s latest book BONTING -Thinking to Create Value, which offers so many more possibilities & larks than my malapropism “bonking” ever could!
I’ve just re-read BONTING – Thinking to Create Value by Edward De Bono for the second time & already the possibilities seem endless xx Tyne O’Connell

Bonting in Mayfair first happened at the Maltese Embassy at the Bonting book launch in May 2016.



Thinking to Create Value

Prof. De Bono is a legend of the world of thinking. He is most famous for his concept of lateral thinking, and for his revolutionary ‘six hats’ thinking method. The significance of his contribution to approaches to thinking over the last 50 years cannot be underestimated.   In Thinking to Create Value: Bonting it is the importance attributed to making a deliberate effort of thinking to create value that is the central idea. It highlights how this can be a skill that can be cultivated and perfected through deliberate practice, by creating habits of thought rather than just abstract models or simple tools of thinking.

Bonting derives from the Latin word bonus (good, honest, brave, noble, etc)  but of course we De Bono also adds, not without a touch of narcissism, that the term derives from his own name, “De Bono.”

In lateral thinking, a provocation will break consolidated thought patterns and stimulate one to find new ones. In Bonting we also meet the Value Dream, and a leap of fantasy do Bono calls a fantastep. In fact there are numerous tools and devices which one could apply directly into one’s current thinking process.

85 books and counting and Edward de Bono has once again come up with something unique and necessary. Where would thinking be without him?