Eccentric of the Year

Awarded “The Most Eccentric Thinker of the Year” 2015 by The Eccentric Club – Patron HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh



“An accomplished writer, thinker, philosopher and dreamer, worshiping, just like the rest of us, the Eccentricity of Mayfair! Romantic, witty, funny and thorough when it comes to philosophy or nostalgic reminiscences of the glorious days and glamorous attires, good manners and classic flirt! The style of her narration and the logic of her reasoning are somewhat unique and representative of the great Mayfair eccentric thinker.” The Eccentric Club

“Thank You HRH Prince Philip, patron of that hallowed Historic Eccentric Club for humbling and delighting me by awarding me Most Eccentric British Thinker.” Says Tyne O’Connell.

Eccentrics matter, for they make the ordinary extraordinary, the banal beautiful and the dull brilliant. Eccentrics encourage us to think differently as my beloved friend of almost 20 years, the Grand Mayfair Eccentric, <a href=””>Edward De Bono</a> who reminds us that truly great ideas were born of eccentric thinking.

The phenomenon of practical eccentricity has been an object of great interest for centuries. This worldwide phenomenon has its spiritual home in Mayfair and St James’s where eccentrics roam the streets, haunt the bars and clubs, and parade in the parks and squares. It would be an unusual day in Mayfair not to at some point be brought up rather sharpish with an involuntary intake of breath and a spluttering of the words “Good God, look at that marvelous, eccentric and wonderful person across the way there.”

It might be Tyne O’Connell, or Henry Blofeld or Brian Clivaz or Pandora Harrison or Adrian Brown or Beast & Burden or Stephen Barry or Sophie-Anne Mobbs or…..

Mayfair is indeed the place where the most unusual and outstanding characters have always been able to demonstrate and compare their skills and talents, or just to express their unorthodox views and to find their followers!

Mayfair Eccentrics highly recommends that you live in Mayfair or St James’s, or if that is impractical, then visit regularly for the benefit of your spiritual and intellectual well being.

Mayfair Eccentrics – right behind The Eccentric Club’s Eccentric of the Year Awards.