Evening Attire For A Chappess For A Night On The Tiles

by ©Tyne O’Connell

Mayfair has many a quality public house, wine bar, cigar lounge, restaurant, night club or private members club. To truly have a good old fashioned night out on the tiles a chappess should be dressed for the occasion.

tyne oconnell on south audley street with spaniels and rolls royce purple ballgown


Tyne O’Connell recommends…

a) A nice frock you inherited from your favourite eccentric aunt who claimed to have danced on the baccarat table at The Clermont Club in the 60’s; your mothers ranch mink (“farmed mink is so common darling…shudder”) throw on what’s left of the family jewels & a Ferragamo Crocodile containing a lipstick & matching bespoke Crocodile shoes add a squirt of bespoke scent & a your freshly styled wiggie & you’re good to go!

b) Statement necklace & salon fresh hair (its all about the Selfie darling) teamed with Sky high Lou’s and the handbag with the longest waiting list – you will fill it with make-up and your spare phones natch.

c) Your favourite LBD, the Blahniks your husband had made for you based on your favourite wine vintage Chateau Margot 1927 – plus the handbag you had made for you by a guild registered cordwainer based on your son’s picture of you.


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