The Royal Arcade

The Royal Arcade – A Mayfair Treasure

Everyone knows my favourite Mayfair Arcade, The Royal Arcade, which runs between Albermarle St and Bond St as it has become famous through the Harry Potter film The Philosopher’s Stone

The Royal Arcade was built in 1879 and quickly became associated with Charbonnel et Walker the chocolate makers since 1875.

Mayfair Residents Dandies and Dandizettes swarmed the gracious Arcade to shop in comfort whilst keeping their slippers dry and it was soon known simply as ‘The Arcade.’

The debonaire genius, Oscar Wilde was one such regular who enjoyed his daily peregrinations through “the arcade” enroute to his daily visits to Church of The Immaculate Conception in Mount St Gardens for instruction into the Catholic Church.

List of Stores in The Royal Arcade Mayfair

Charbonnel et Walker
Erskine, Hall & Coe
George Cleverley
E.B. Meyrowitz
Paul Smith
Simon Griffin Antiques Limited
Watch Club